Dr. Greg Baiden is a brilliant robotics engineer, who has focused his expertise into reshaping various sectors through the applied use of robotics. As a $100+ billion global sector itself, the diversification of industry grows strong, shifting beyond its industrialized footing. Increased intelligence, autonomous mobility, and a surge in human-robot collaboration all contribute to new breakthroughs regularly. 

Dr. Greg Baiden has been the Chairman and CEO at Penguin Automated Systems Inc. since 2001. Penguin Automated Systems Inc. is a research and development company that provides cutting-edge mobile robotic technology. Penguin ASI develops tele-autonomous robotic technologies at the Research Centre in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. 

Dr. Baiden began his career in mining research at Inco Limited in 1986. He was a member of the senior management team and was responsible for all corporate mining research. After years of working in the mining industry, he was familiar with the dangers of the trade. After pioneering tele-robotics at Inco Limited, Dr. Baiden conceptualized and implemented the world’s first robotic mine prototype. This was the beginning of a professional career dedicated to creating robots to make the mining industry safer. 

Dr. Baiden completed his undergraduate degree and master’s degree at Queens University in Mining Engineering and earned his Ph. D. at McGill University in Mining Engineering. From 2001- 2014, he taught Robotics and Mine Automation at Laurentian University. Dr. Baiden was also the Dean of Engineering at Laurentian University from 2002- 2007. 

One of his projects is a new vision for the underground mining of water in the form of ice on the moon using a series of transformational teleoperated machines. These systems are built on the thinking of the current TeleR-S&R (Search and Rescue) system which can operate 12 hours a day on land and in water. Dr. Baiden considers the current TeleR-S&R a system available to the public to help in search and rescue for missing persons or equipment. The project has received international interest.

Dr. Baiden’s application of expertise is also at work in industries that directly impact our day to day livelihood, such as the strength and efficiency of agriculture to enhance and protect crop growth. For instance, robotics machinery requires human intelligence to assess the difference between crops and weeds, weeds apart from crops.  This level of identification and segregation is made possible with the use of machine learning, deep learning, and AI.

To name a few of Dr. Baiden’s accolades, he was awarded the Canadian Research Chair in Robotics and Mine Automation and has served on the board of directors for Precarn Inc., Greater Sudbury Development Corporation, and the Art Gallery of Sudbury. He has mobilized robotics' research and development for decades and significantly contributed to space exploration advancements, working alongside NASA. 

Dr. Baiden is a highly sought-after international speaker, lecturer, and consultant and will continue to shape technological developments for the future. 
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