As a leader in research, development, and prototyping in the field of robotics, the reputable work of Dr. Greg Baiden and his team at Penguin ASI has been tremendously poignant not only across North America but the world. Prominent industry highlights and accolades surrounding Dr. Baiden’s numerous global projects have been shared through several media outlets, including CBC News and Mining Global, documenting the continuing impact that he and his team have on revolutionizing different sectors through the applied use of tele-robotics.
Penguin Automated Systems Inc. is a leading research, development and prototyping company in the field of robotic & Automation solutions. The Company...
A former Sudbury mining executive, Greg Baiden, has invented the TeleR-S&R, a robotic search and rescue tool that operates on land and water...
Greg Baiden once introduced himself at a NASA space mining conference in California as a "recovering asteroid miner."
Mining engineering innovator Greg Baiden leads the advance of robotics in underground mining applications
Deemed to be the future of technological revolution, the emergence of robots has enlightened numerous arenas with its fascinating multitudinous benefits. 

A ground-breaking optical communication system developed by Sudbury-based Penguin Automated Systems Inc. is turning heads in the mining industry and attracting the attention of the military.
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